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… “intentional interaction with uncertainty”—Barber’s art in a nutshell. DAREDEVILS is her most elegant articulation yet of a self-conscious style alive to ideas and emotions, one through the other. As ever, the utter simplicity of presentations is all the more beguiling for the enormity of the endgame. [Read More]

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The way Barber has orchestrated this adventure she does explicitly mine the creative process, but the holes she pokes in language suggest that birth makes us all daredevils jumping out of airplanes. Language is merely the parachute of meaning we cling to in efforts to make sense of the world as it rushes by. And we reach for the ripcord when we talk to each other, hoping the inevitable landing is soft and gentle rather than the abrupt stop we know is rushing toward us all too quickly.[Read More]

Brooklyn Rail

Here, the excitement of ideas, and of seeing, functions like the rising and falling of serotonin levels, moments of ecstasy leading to inevitably painful ends. Moments bend within that split second when happiness turns into melancholy on contact with the intellect.[Read More]


With DAREDEVILS, her first feature-length film, Stephanie Barber gives utterance to the power of cinematic haikus, while juxtaposing three film segments (or lines), and separating them with a kireji. She belongs to a territory that underscores the subjective and lyrical, a playground of artistic milieu. Her words evolve from the mouths of wounds, often expressed with a smile. Her film manifests an intolerance of rules, exhilarating thinking, and commercial disobedience, through two monologues, a dialogue, and a song. [Read More]


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It is a daring move for Barber to conduct such a direct conversation with her own work, but it would be specious to suggest Daredevils is artistically hermetic. More than anything, DAREDEVILS invites its audience to be a participant in its game. For both the characters and the audience, Barber structures a narrative process of taking an external dialogue, a spoken conversation, that is to be read internally and filtered through personal experience…. [Read More]


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